Say you are an individual investor.

You are considering to invest in the best businesses of America, or are already invested, or have a keen interest in the future even though you don’t plan to put money on it. You know the target price that sell-side analysts from Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and the like have on the businesses you follow, but you don’t have access to their analysis. Even if you did, you cannot really trust them because they are often in business with the very same companies they analyse and so it is in their own interest to come up with lofty target prices.

Yes, I know. There is a bunch of websites, such as ValueWalk, TheMontleyFool or TheStreet.com that regularly publish articles for free. But they are nothing but swallow strings of commonplaces. “Apple keeps wasting billions of USD by repurchasing shares”, or “Fuel cells are the main threat for Tesla Motors’ survival…” or crap like that, oh gosh, we have read all that nonsense a thousand times before!

If you want to invest in the future of America you need substance, you need to understand deep down how the businesses in these industries make money.

But wait, there is a silver lining. Crowd-sourced platforms for investment research are coming to fill that void. Seeking Alpha, in particular, covers more than 4,000 stocks and registered users are expanding at a 48% YOY growth. But even in Seeking Alpha it is sometimes hard to find contributors who truly understand the businesses they write about and are able to provide valuable, call it actionable, insight.

That is why I decided to launch bizlikeinvesting.com in November 2014. This website provides useful material and links covering topics from general investment philosophy and fundamental trends down to the intricacies of the specific businesses on which I am invested. In addition, it contains links to all investment research articles I have ever published, including analysis of TSLA, SCTY and SEDG.

But industries are ever evolving and competing, businesses ever adapting to the new realities at an astonishing pace. For this reason, my #1 advice to you is use twitter, use Seeking Alpha to keep always up to date. Not only will you be notified every time I publish a new article on your favorite stocks, but I also try to retweet all valuable insights I come across during the day.

Well, that said, have a good day, think for yourself and invest wisely!